Washington hoisting license information

Washinton State Hoisting License Requirements

To operate a crane in Washington you need to submit certain documents including a copy of you Nationally Accredited Crane Certification.

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Strike by concrete drivers threatens Seattle construction projects

More than a quarter of King County’s concrete delivery-truck drivers have gone on strike, and the rest could soon join them — threatening to delay dozens of projects amid the region’s record construction boom.
The work stoppage has halted some concrete deliveries for nearly a week at a time developers are rushing to take advantage of the prime summer construction season. In the core of Seattle alone, there are 74 major construction projects underway now, with others spread out around the region.
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The ready-mix concrete trucks, with their spinning, cylindrical drums, are a staple at construction jobs.
But the 300 Teamsters members who drive the concrete trucks in King County have been working without a contract with five local companies since the beginning of August. Drivers for one of the concrete suppliers, CalPortland, walked off the job this past Friday. After a meeting for union workers Wednesday, Teamsters spokeswoman Jamie Fleming said there is a “pretty high likelihood” that the workers for the other four companies will begin striking soon,barring a sudden turnaround in negotiations.

CalPortland said in a statement on its website that the walkout has already left “dozens of projects in jeopardy,” and caused “untold financial damages.” It said the drivers “simply abandoned” trucks filled with perishable concrete at plants when the walkout began Friday morning, posing the potential to damage the trucks if they weren’t unloaded while the concrete could be moved.

“Several CalPortland customers sustained damages because of project (concrete) pours that were started and then abandoned, left unfinished, due to this deplorable action,” CalPortland said in another statement, released Wednesday.
It’s unclear which construction projects have been affected. CalPortland didn’t respond to questions, and the union said it isn’t sure. Representatives for several local developers and builder groups either did not know or did not respond to questions. The CalPortland drivers make up about 28 percent of the union concrete-truck drivers in King County.
Contractors fined $229K for safety violations in Seattle crane accident
Three contractors on a Seattle construction project have been fined a total of $229,200 and were issued safety violations for their roles in a September crane accident that left two workers severely injured, according to The Seattle Times.

Officials from the Washington Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) said the two workers were severely burned after a crane touched an overhead wire. L&I investigators alleged that the companies chose to work under the power lines rather than wait for them to be moved underground.

L&I fined Marpac Construction $133,500 and cited it with six safety violations, while officials fined Spartan Construction $90,000 and issued five safety violations to the company. Shaffer Crane & Equipment was fined $5,700 and issued four violations. Marpac and Spartan have filed appeals to the citations.

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