Minnesata hoisting license information

Minnisota State Hoisting License Requirements

To operate a crane you need to submit certain documents including a copy of you Nationally Accredited Crane Certification.

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Minnesota manufacturer reduces injuries with help from OSHA’s On-site Consultation Program
he Marathon oil refinery will be undergoing a shutdown of six to eight weeks in Detroit right after the Labor Day weekend. Matt Everly, Local 324 dispatcher, predicts he will not have enough certified operators to man the vast number of cranes on the project. He asks that any and all interested and qualified members of Local 139 to give him a call at 248-451-0324, ext. 1669, to be eligible for this work.
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The project is expected to employ up to 180 crane operators. Most of these will be RTs or carry-deck (Broderson) type cranes requiring the CCO TSS or TLL certification. The Homeland Security check can be completed over the phone simply by providing some basic information. The drug test will be conducted using a hair follicle as opposed to giving a urine sample.
The hair-follicle test will detect substance use from months past instead of weeks past. White Construction will be the contractor for this work. Matt assures me that any Local 139 member who applies and is qualified will likely receive a call for this work. In the past we had 12 of our members go to Detroit for a shutdown for a month. All reported that they were treated very well.
Tip for travelling out of state: Some members have reported great savings finding a house to rent on Craig's list as opposed to renting a room. This savings increased when they were willing to share the house with other Operating Engineers. If you contact Local 324 for this work and are interested in making your name available to fellow 139 members going to the project, let me know. Pass along your email address and phone number to me and I will attempt to put you all in contact with one another.