Colorado hoisting license information

Colorado State Hoisting License Requirements

Currently, your state does not mandate a Crane Operator License. Please beware that soon you will need a Crane Operator Certificate to operate a crane if Alaska decides not to commence licensing. A growing number of jobs are now requiring Crane Operator Certification.

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Career and Education Opportunities for Crane Operators in Denver, Colorado
For those living in the Denver, Colorado area, there are many career and education opportunities for crane operators. About 640 people are currently employed as crane operators in Colorado. By 2016, this is expected to grow by 33% to 860 people employed. This is better than the national trend for crane operators, which sees this job pool shrinking by about 6.8% over the next eight years.
Read More: Crane operators generally operate mechanical crane or tower equipment to lift and move materials, machines, or products in many directions. Crane operators earn approximately $25 per hour or $52,040 yearly on average in Colorado. Nationally they average about $20 hourly or $41,870 per year. Earnings for crane operators are better than earnings in the general category of Freight in Colorado and better than general Freight category earnings nationally.

There is one school within twenty-five miles of Denver where you can study to be a crane operator, among sixty-four schools of higher education total in the Denver area. The most common level of education for crane operators is a post-secondary certificate. You can expect to spend a short time training to become a crane operator if you already have a high school diploma.

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