3A - Electric and air powered hoisting equipment LP

Lattice Boom Crane

This certification is compliant with the most recent OSHA Standard 1926.1400 Subpart CC.

  • We can do the whole job at our location or yours
  • Spanish & Learning Accommodation exams available
  • Trainers & Examiners come from the crane industry 
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  • Recognized by OSHA | Accepted by ANSI
This course covers operation, inspection, rigging, owners' responsibility and operators' responsibility. It is specifically designed to prepare the attendee to pass the Massachusetts 3A Hydraulics Engineer License test.
This training meets the requirements mandated in OSHA Overhead and gantry cranes 29CFR1910.179(b)(8), ASME B30.16 and OSH act of 1970 General Duty Clause 5(a)(1).

Material covered in this course:

  • Operation
  • Inspection
  • Rigging
  • Owners' Responsibility
  • Operators' Responsibility

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