The Cranes Customer Portal F.A.Q.

This Cranes Customer Portal F.A.Q. is designed to answer questions you might have while using the Customer Portal. If the answer to the question you have is not here, please feel free to contact us at or to call us during normal business hours M-F.

What is the Customer Portal?

You might have noticed the LOGIN link in the upper right hand corner of our new website, which leads you to our brand new Cranes Customer Portal. Here you will have the power to manage your safety training needs with Cranes101. Inside the Portal, we’ve merged our online and live safety training information into one place to help you keep track of your employees’ training and certifications.  

What if I want to buy courses for multiple people? 

If you are new to Cranes101, you’ll want to create a new corporate account. Go ahead to the LOGIN link and click on the Sign Up button to begin. From there, you can update contact information, add new employees as students, buy online classes and enroll students, view live class enrollment and print out completed certificates, as well as review your online class order history. 

If you have done business with Cranes101 before, please request we set you up using this form:

What if I want to buy courses for myself? 

Go ahead to the LOGIN link and click on the Sign Up button to begin. From there, click on the Purchase Courses tab on your Dashboard.

cranes customer portal individual users
This dashboard for individuals allows them to buy online courses and then take them.

How do I make sure I’ve created the right kind of account? 

When creating a new account at the Customer Portal Sign Up page, select “Corporate Admin” if you plan on buying online courses for multiple people in your company. If you are just buying for yourself or one other person, select “Individual,” and then create the account in that name.

How do I take my online classes once I’ve bought them/been assigned them? 

Click on the eLearning link, either inside the Customer Portal or on our website, Your username is the email address you used to sign up, and your eLearning password is Welcome1! You can always change your password to something you prefer once you log into the eLearning site. 

Company Accounts: how do I add students to my account? 

After you, the Admin, log in, follow these steps: 

  1. Click on View Corporate Account on the Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Student tab and verify that the right employees are on the list.
  3. If the employees have the word “active” under their name in the list, you can assign them online classes. 
  4. If they do not show the word “active,” click on their name to view their profile. 
  5. Click on “Edit Student” at the bottom of their profile if you need to to add an email address (needs to be unique; can be fake if necessary. Use the format “” for fake emails). Click on the orange “Submit” button to save the new information. 
  6. Click on the “Activate User Account” to make them active

Special note: if they are taking their MA hoisting license continuing ed classes, please make sure they have their hoisting license number in their profile before you assign them the classes. 

Customer Portal Company Account Dashboard
This is the dashboard that the corporate administrator would see after logging in.

Company Accounts: how do I enroll students in online classes? 

  1. Add and activate the student (see previous steps)
  2. Click on the “Enroll student” link in the left hand menu. 
  3. Click on the class you want to enroll the student in to select it. 
  4. Start typing their name in the white box labeled “select student” and then click on their name as it comes up.
  5. Click on the orange button labeled “Assign to Course.” The portal will create a new eLearning account for them if this is their first course in the new system and enroll them in the course. 
  6. Have the student log into the eLearning using the link to take their course.  

Company Accounts: How can I get my students’ certificates when they are done? 

Live courses certificates: Go to View Corporate Account and select the Live Courses tab. Scroll down to the bottom with the list of registered students. If the certificates have been done, they will show as a print icon under the Certifications column. You can click on that icon to print a PDF version of the certificate at any time. 

Alternate path: Go to the student profile and click on the Certifications tab. You can view and print all that person’s live course certifications from there. 

Online course certificates: Coming soon! For right now, to get them, either log into the eLearning account as your student to retrieve them, or ask us to email them to you. When they become available on the portal, we will update this post with directions. 

How do I buy live training classes? 

This service is not currently available through the Portal. Please refer to our Courses page or our Calendar to view, request information, or pre-register for the live training classes. One of our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Once purchased, your training information will appear on the Portal. 

What’s next for the Cranes Customer Portal?

Coming soon: Our company accounts will be able to view and manage their equipment inspections and reports with our sister company Cranes Aerial Truck Service inside the Cranes Customer Portal. We will announce those functions when they are ready and provide directions in another post.

If there are updates to buying classes, we’ll keep them here in the Cranes Customer Portal F.A.Q.

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