October 2021 Industry Resources

We found these articles around the internet to share with you as our October 2021 Industry Resources.

OSHA proposes electronic injury form submissions, other reg changes

This Safety Compliance Alert article outlines OSHA’s priorities for the near future.

Construction workers aren’t comfortable talking about mental health, execs and supervisors say

Safety & Health Magazine’s article shows us why as well as gives some recommendations to help construction workers out.

How to Avoid Failing Roadside DOT Inspections

Make sure your aerial lifts as well as your trucks are in good working order so you don’t fail your inspection, as this article from the TCIA points out. Did you know that CATS will do DOT inspections as well as inspect your aerial lifts to the latest A92.2 standards? Be sure to contact CATS to make an appointment to keep your fleet compliant.

Study Finds More than One-Half of Workers Exposed to Noise do not Use Hearing Protection While on the Job

Not only does this article show what groups are least likely to wear hearing protection, but also how to encourage its use.

We hope you find this October 2021 Industry Resources post helpful. If you find an article you’d like us to include for next month’s post, please contact heather@cranes101.com with the information. Please be sure to check our calendar for upcoming classes in your area.

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