New Opportunity! Online Training for Your Organization

Cranes101 can help your organization provide the safety training your members need as online learning quickly becomes the new normal. We offer two ways you can become a partner with us to do just that.  

Plan A

Cranes101 will provide a customized web link for you to post on your website:

  • This link leads directly to our Customer Portal Course Catalog loaded with courses directly pertaining to your industry.
  • Students can follow the link to purchase through Cranes101 Customer Portal.
  • This link includes a reference that will tell us where the student is coming from.

Plan B

Partner organization creates a corporate account on the Cranes101 Customer Portal. Interested members could then sign up for training through the partner.

  • Partner organization would be the Corporate Admin.
  • Partner would do purchasing and enrollment on behalf of students as Admin.
  • Partner would be invoiced by Cranes101.
  • Partner can bill students as needed through their own system.


  • Partner organizations can offer members the opportunity for online safety training with a name they trust – Cranes101.
  • Having access to online training increases the value of the partner’s membership subscription.
  • Cranes101 maintains a full-time in-house technical staff to assist you and your members.

Contact us today to get started!

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