March 2022 Accidents Report

Operator training and equipment inspections are essential to preventing job-site accidents.  Sign up for training or schedule your next inspection. But first, read on for the March 2022 accidents we’re reprinting here.

Tree Worker Electrocuted

We are reprinting this article from, originally published on March 17, 2022. if you follow the link, there’s an additional picture available.

Photo courtesy of Vigili del Fuoco-Padova

A tree care worker has died after coming into contact with overhead power lines in Italy yesterday.

The incident occurred on the edge of the village of Cagnola, just south of Padua, Italy. The man Daniel Bianchi, 25, and his brother were trimming trees alongside a house, and were using a truck mounted aerial work platform – which appears to be an Isoli PNT205NH from the rental fleet of DM Service to reach the higher branches.

According to the local fire service when the boom was raised it touched the cable, causing the electric to flash down through the machine and then through Bianchi to earth who we understand was standing alongside the machine at the time. He was declared dead at the scene.

The local Carabinieri and the Spisal health and safety service are investigating what happened.

Drill rig collapses, crushing 2 cars on State Street in Salt Lake City

This article was reprinted from the Deseret News, originally published March 15, 2022. Click for more pictures of the accident.

Original photo and others taken by Derek Petersen (@Derek_photog) and posted on Twitter on March 16, 2022.

A crane collapsed and crushed two cars parked on South State Street in Salt Lake City on Tuesday night, blocking southbound lanes.

One person was injured in the incident.

Police originally said the crane operator was in serious condition after falling about 20 feet, but on Wednesday the construction company said the drill rig operator was the person injured, and his injuries did not appear life-threatening.

“We are happy to report that the drill rig … operator’s supervisors have updated us on his condition this morning, and the report is good; he was diagnosed to have a small fracture in his lower back, and latest reports are that there will be no treatment other than rest, and that it is expected to heal in time and not be a long-term health issue. He was said to be bruised and sore, but in good spirits,” Amy Christensen, Jacobsen Construction spokeswoman, said in a written statement.

The incident happened around 9 p.m. and closed State Street at 200 South in Salt Lake City. The street remained closed Wednesday morning.

Police are asking drivers to take an alternate route to avoid the area.

“This is pretty uncommon, for as much as Salt Lake City has been building in the last few years. We’ve really been fortunate,” Mumedy said.

Jill Wiscomb and her husband had just left Eccles Theatre on Tuesday night when they noticed flashing lights.

“My husband said, ‘I think that’s where I parked,’ and I said, ‘I think that’s my car that’s underneath that’s smashed,'” Wiscomb recalled.

“It happened five minutes before we got there so that was a little alarming,” she added.

She and her family members expressed gratitude they weren’t in the car at the time of the accident and urged others to “just hold the people you love a little bit closer tonight and be grateful that everyone is safe.”

The drill operator was working on foundation drilling at the time of the incident, Christensen said.

“All of the professionals who work on our sites are family, and their safety and wellbeing are our top priority. We are committed to learning as much about what caused this and taking proactive steps to ensure the continued safety at this project site,” the statement said.

“Following the incident, we activated our response teams, which are trained and prepared for circumstances like this. We don’t yet have all the details of how this occurred but are suspending operations for 24 hours while gathering information for a safety investigation,” Christensen said Wednesday morning.

Crane overturn at school

We are reprinting this article from, originally published on March 28, 2022.

The 60 metre boom of a large All Terrain crane came down onto the roof of a new school Gymnasium in Litzendorf near Bamberg, Bavaria in Germany last week.

The crane from Autokran Merkel lost stability while preparing to carry out a lift last Thursday. Fortunately the concrete roof beam was strong enough to prevent the crane going over completely and no one was injured. The gymnasium structure is also reported to be stable and undamaged.

The operator had been was apparently extending the boom when the crane lost stability.

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