April 2021 Accidents Report

While some accidents can’t be prevented, proper operator training and timely equipment inspections make your job-site much safer. Sign up for training or schedule your next inspection. But first, read on for the April 2021 accidents list.

Bridge bashed by boom

a totaled JLG boom in Clifton Park, NY

The bridge suffered a lot of damage, but no one was hurt when this accident happened. Click here to read the article and watch the video..

Google-contracted Swedish site sees another crane crash

Crane overturned in Sweden

Even though the crane tipped over, it won’t significantly impact the project time. Click here to read the article.

Lift barge tragedy

overturned barge in rough waters

12 people are still missing from this devastating accident; the US Coast Guard is working hard to find them. Click here to read the article.

If you see an accident report you’d like us to feature in the blog, like the ones we show here in the April 2021 Accidents Reports, let us know. Contact heather@cranes101.com with the information.

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