Overhead Crane Operator Safety Course

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This overhead crane operator safety training and certification is compliant with the OSHA standard 1910.179 as well as the ASME B30.16 Overhead Underhung and Stationary Hoists and B30.17 Cranes and Monorails (With Underhung Trolley or Bridge).

  • We can do the whole job at our location or yours
  • Learning Accommodation exams available
  • Trainers & Examiners come from the industry 
  • Training & Testing done any day of the week
  • You make one call, we do the rest
  • Recognized by OSHA | Accepted by ANSI

This overhead crane operator safety training course is a focused operations and safety training for operators.
Certificate is awarded by Cranes 101.

We can provide qualification/evaluation testing for your employees on your equipment in addition to this operator safety course for an additional fee. Qualifications of operators are generally mandated by OSHA in addition to certification. Please ask us for more details.

Material covered in this course:

  • Overhead crane components
  • Inspections
  • Wire Ropes and Rigging
  • Maintenance and lockout/tagout procedures
  • Operational safety
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Communication

Need an even more convenient option? Take our Overhead Crane Operator Safety Training Course online! A qualification form you can take to your employer to administer is included with the online course.

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